Weekly Photo Challenge Delicate

01e Knitted doily on rocker Yarnell AZ (1024x737)

I immediately thought of my mother’s handwork.  What a contrast that she created many delicate works of art but was not really a delicate person.  If you know anything about making doilies they are usually crochet.  But Mom was a knitter so this is truly an unique and delicate piece.

02 Antique rocker Yarnell AZ (688x1024)

And then there’s the delicate old nursing rocker which I inherited from my Mom.  She would never let us kids sit in it and now that I own it I understand why.  It’s an antique, and delicate.

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Apologies, second post on this new blog and the theme is giving me grief.  I can only edit in HTML, a language I don’t speak.  I’ve heard of other problems from some of you.  Was told some of them might work themselves out over 24-48 hours.  Seems some did.  Please let me know of anything.

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