Thermometers lie

The thermometer read 35 degrees F inside the RV this morning with two small electric heaters running all night.  Even with heat-tape on the water hose and the cold water dribbling all night a hot water line froze somewhere I can’t get to.  It thawed by noon with a little hair dryer helper.


The dam thermometer lies while being baked in the sun around 1:30pm.  85F!  How I wish.


Not even sure it’s right in the shade. Yes, I braved outside long enough to take this photo and probably didn’t give the thing long enough as it came from inside at maybe 60F.

NOAA Todays temperatures 1-40pm

And then there’s NOAA.

I know I’m whining.  And it’s a lot colder elsewhere.  In fact this seems to be a common thread for many.  It’s not as cold as ice climbing in Colorado, or living in Alaska.  And it’s certainly not as cold as swimming in Antarctica.


But come on, this is Arizona.  My extremities get very cold.  My fingers go numb even wearing gloves.  Yes, I’m talking about inside.

Platboom Beach

Platboom beach Cape Peninsula South Africa

In the meantime, I dream of being south of the equator.  Only 20 more days.

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To tour more of the world go to Our World Tuesday.  Maybe somewhere warm.

4 thoughts on “Thermometers lie

  1. Sandy

    We seem to be having the opposite effect here in NC…upper 70’s here today and that was without sun and with rain! I don’t like cold either but this is a little extreme.

  2. Fun60

    Just waiting for snow here. Keep well wrapped, as you say only 20 days to go to feel that heat on your face again.


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