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RV tub or shower

Which do you prefer tub or shower?

After living in a RV for 20+ years I’ve learned to take quick showers.  When the water heater is 6-10 gallons you just can’t dawdle.  Plus always turn the water off while lathering.  TMI?  If you’re a newbie you’ll soon discover many ways to be conscious of water conservation.

RV bathroom

Tub stored in bathtub of last 5th-wheel

But back to tub versus shower.  I’ve lived with both options in my various RV configurations.  Not very practical trying to fill even a small bath tub with the hot water limitations.

2006 Keystone Challenger RV shower

I love the skylight in my shower, well at least when it’s not too cold outside, with sun or moon light streaming in to set my shower aglow.  In fact, under a full moon after the lights are off and I’m in bed, my shower glows and I keep expecting Dr. Who to step out its doors.  I have yet to get a shot of that.

Roman bath Warmwaterberg Spa SA

I do love to soak occasionally and had that opportunity while staying at Warmwaterberg Spa in South Africa in my own private Roman bath.  Just didn’t have any bubble bath.

Bubble bath with candles

Friends can offer a real treat with the use of their bathtub to visiting RVers, especially full-timers.  Maybe even light a few candles and luxuriate in bubbles.

portable spa

What I’d really like is a portable hot tub.

What’s your preference, tub or shower?