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Stormy drive through Northern Arizona

I drive four hours, each way, to shop when living on the North Rim during the summer.  And during August monsoons that can mean a stormy drive with the sky an ever changing show. Rain along SR89 Arizona Along the Painted Desert I can see a storm coming from far away. Rain Painted Desert SR89 Arizona And of course I see the storm while it’s dumping on me. Stormy sky over Vermilion & Echo Cliffs SR89 Arizona Still rather gray approaching the Vermilion and Echo Cliffs. Stormy sky over Colorado River from Navajo Bridge Marble Canyon Arizona A dry stop at Navajo Bridge shows more storm across the sky. Stormy side mirror view SR89A Arizona

But continuing towards the Kaibab Plateau I seem to be leaving the storm behind. House Rock Valley SR89A Arizona With almost clear sky over House Rock Valley. Clouds over the meadows SR67 South Kaibab National Forest Arizona Then hard to say if it will stay away once driving across the meadows.  Almost home.

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