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Our World: Tentative Spring in Northern Arizona

All four seasons can and will happen in one day during the attempt towards a tentative Spring in Northern Arizona.

Morning came with a tentative sun between the clouds.  Yet rain came on the way off the Kaibab Plateau heading to St. George in Southern Utah.  No photos as I was driving a work truck with spider-web cracks across the windshield taking it in to be replaced.  Had a couple hours to walk around so my co-worker and I had a nice lunch at Olive Garden.  Although the clouds threatened rain all around us we wore only a light jacket which was almost too warm when the sun shone.

Rain clouds over S UT

On the way home he drove, first through intermittent heavy rain.

Storm clouds over Kaibab Plateau AZ

As we headed towards the Kaibab Plateau obvious precipitation of some kind awaited and threw at us more rain, hail, sleet and even some snow.  But the sun did peak out once or twice and I searched for a non existent rainbow.

Mule deer on meadows Kaibab NF AZ

Instead we saw this small herd of mule deer browsing on the meadows near a shrinking pool of snow melt.

We need this rain and more.  The forest floor is dry.  Hopefully the tentative Spring brings more moisture to Northern Arizona.

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Our World: Back at Grand Canyon

My winter of play is over but that’s not so bad because I’m back at Grand Canyon where I work for the summer.

Closed gate at entrance station NR GRCA NP AZ

The North Rim doesn’t open until May 15th so the park is very quiet.  A wonderful time to revisit old haunts without the crowds.  So Saturday I went for a ride on the Scenic road.

Meriams turkey NR GRCA NP AZ

Saw this wild Tom turkey and wondered if he was hiding in the park as it’s turkey hunting season in the adjacent Kaibab National Forest.

From Vista Encantada overlook NR GRCA NP AZ

I’d never noticed this little window in the rocks below the Vista Encantada overlook.

Balancing rock & Wotons Throne from Scenic Rd NR GRCA NP AZ

No traffic meant stopping in the middle of the road for otherwise impossible to take photos.

Flowering currants along Cape Royal trail NR GRCA NP AZ

The currants are already in bloom along with a few other flowers near the rim.  Seems just a little too early for spring at 8200 feet.

Walhalla Plateau from Pt Imperial NR GRCA NP AZ

Only a little snow left in the shadows.

White-faced Ibis NR GRCA NP AZ

But still a few pools of water on the meadows where I saw this lifer bird, a white-faced ibis.

Freya's Castle & Vishnu temple from Cape Royal NR GRCA NP AZ

It’s so nice to be back at Grand Canyon for the season.  Hope you’ll come for a visit.

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Our World-Moving on Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day, every day!

5th-wheel RV

I feel a little guilty as I’m on the road today, burning fossil fuel to tow my RV-home back to Grand Canyon.

Abert Squirrel

Abert squirrel KOA Flagstaff

I’ll stop in Flagstaff for a couple nights along the way.

Mt Humphreys

Then continue north past Mount Humphreys.

Painted Desert AZ

And through the Painted Desert.

Navajo Bridge & Vermilion Cliffs SR89A N AZ

Cross the Colorado River.

Kaibab Plateau

And up onto the Kaibab Plateau.

Entrance station

The North Rim opens to the public May 15th.

Grand Canyon

Hope you’ll come visit Grand Canyon National Park.

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Our World-Moving to South Africa

April Fools!

Although the Tsitsikamma zip-line really had me thinking about moving to South Africa.

Sunset Toroweap GRCA NP AZ

A move may have to wait for the future, after I retire from my seasonal job as a Park Ranger at Grand Canyon.  Will be a few more years until eligible to collect Social Security, if there’s any to collect.

Treehouse Wild Spirit Backpackers Lodge Nature's Valley SA

So, in the meantime, I’ll just dream.

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Our World-There’s no place like home

No heal tapping with scarlet slippers could have transported me fast enough from South Africa to Yarnell, Arizona.  Instead the journey included 27 hours of flight each way.

South Africa map

Red route driven, black arrows backtracking

Much more fun was all the amazing discoveries found along at least 2,500 kilometers (1550 miles) of driving around South Africa starting in Johannesburg and winding slowly to Cape Town.

Nelson Mandela "Voting Line" Rt67 Art Port Elizabeth South Africa

Nelson Mandela “Voting Line” Rt67 Art Port Elizabeth South Africa

Travel expands my mind, and then I have to stop awhile to process.  For me, that means coming home wherever that may be.

Stuff to be unpacked

Being gone for 46 nights made me truly appreciate my own bed’s comfort.  The unpacking may take a while.

Arch from Echo Ravine trail Golden Gate Highlands National Park R712 Free State South Africa

Golden Gate Highlands National Park Free State South Africa

I’ll be sharing loads of stories and photos on both blogs for the next six months or more.

Elephant Kruger National Park South Africa

Elephant Kruger National Park South Africa

And in the meantime, I’ll be dreaming of a return to South Africa which someday could be my home.

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