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Woke up to a frosty morning

01 DSC_7446lerw Frost on car roof Kanab UT gp (1024x678)-2Woke up to a frosty morning and the first thing that I see are sparkles on the neighbors car roof and a little on the trees.  Good news, I still have running water so not too cold overnight.  Those clear skies sure bring the temps down.


02 DSC_7454lerw Drape closed in bedroom gp (678x1024)-2As most know, I hate being cold, and you’re probably tired of hearing about it.  It’s difficult enough to keep the 5th-wheel warm even with three heaters going non-stop.  Really hard to get the bed/bath room warm enough for me to take a shower.  So, tried something different.  Closed a divider curtain I never use in the bedroom to make a smaller space to heat.  And it worked!  First time all winter I’ve been able to use my own shower.  Please don’t think I’ve gone months without showering.  Instead I go over to Bill’s heated house.


03 DSC_7458hdrlerw RV window view Kanab UT gp-HDR (1024x678)-2

I LOVE grapefruit, but not the seeds.  Even the tiny ones.  Is it my imagination or are the seeds smaller than when I was a kid?  Seems like there used to be just a few big seeds, easy to see and remove.  Or is it my eyes.  I’m jealously thinking of Lynda and Nan, plus others, parked near Borrego Springs and buying huge bags of citrus fruit for $3-4.  I was there a year ago today and some crazy critters out in the desert.  Thinking the vitamin C is making me feel better.

04 DSC_7497hdrlerw Sunset Kanab UT gp-HDR (1024x678)-2

It actually got warm enough in the RV this afternoon to turn the thermostat down on one heater.  Love it!  Still not going outside today.  Saving that for tomorrow.

05 DSC_2818hdrlerw Fall colors Manti-La Sal NF FR106 N UT-HDR (1024x678)-2

And, of course, still labeling photos.  Now from the third day of the September vacation when we took a drive through the Manti-La Sal National Forest.