SWF-From cotton balls to string

Sunset over Weaver Mts Yarnell AZ

Another interesting sunset from my Imax windows, because baby it’s cold outside.

Sunset over Weaver Mts Yarnell AZ

Actually last week was frigid but last night wasn’t so bad at a low of 28F.

Sunset over Weaver Mts Yarnell AZ

Did I really just type that?  Dam, that’s still pretty cold.

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In the meantime…

22 thoughts on “SWF-From cotton balls to string

  1. Sylvia Kirkwood

    Lovely skies and great shots for the day! It’s not that cold in Seattle, but chilly enough to be uncomfortable after being outside for a while!! Hope you have a great weekend!!

    1. Geogypsy Post author

      Sorry about the sporadic problems with this website. I’m beyond myself how to fix most things. It’s been troublesome from the start. And it’s the same theme as the other. Go figure. Thanks for being so persistent.

  2. Yogi

    Dang woman, you need to go somewhere warmer. Great pics though. I don’t blame you. I don’t like cold much either.

  3. JM-Illinois

    brrr….it is 22 degrees here in Chicagoland area right now. I like the earrings and the suitcase. I love thrift shops too.

  4. MaryBeth

    Aren’t clouds just so amazing. I like them all the time. A summer day, lying in the grass, looking at clouds—divine! But this isn’t summer and you are right–Baby it’s cold out there. MB


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