Still no lemonade

Yet another trip to the dentist today.  Been over a year now and I am so ready to have this done, over, fini.  The process of having implants to hold permanent dentures has been a trial yet I’m actually to the point of being able to eat pistachios, carefully and one at a time.  Another few weeks and everything should be permanently in place.  I’m rather excited about being able to bite and chew again.

01 Iron Springs Road AZ (1024x434)

About an hour drive north over the Bradshaw Mountains to Prescott

Borrowed Berta’s car to get to Prescott because my truck is still in the shop.  This lemon story gets juicier all the time.  Back to injectors being bad and this after replacing all eight of them only 14 months ago and just over 12,000 miles.  Direct Buy Warranty sent an inspector to the Ford dealer ICU.  The diagnosis, much like my shoulder, is normal ware for mileage and not covered by the warranty.  Thank goodness I’m not a Ford.  I’ve loved my Ford trucks for decades, even arguing in their defense.  No more!

I fired the warranty company and will see how long it takes to get my pro-rated refund. I would highly discourage anyone from buying after market vehicle warranty from this company that I don’t want to link to.

02 Truck going on tow truck NR GRCA NP AZ (1024x706)

Towed from the North Rim last summer

The story continues with Ford replacing the three bad injectors and once started a fourth one blows.  Now the Utah mechanic that replaced the last injectors is involved.  So the plot thickens and the outcome unknown.

03 Gaelyn holds the world Yarnell AZ (1024x678)

In the meantime, I had fun playing with the camera, tripod and remote.

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  1. Just Jane

    Ugh! Gaelyn, I tremble and curl up in the fetal postion in the face of auto maintenance and repair…including oil changes. You have been an absolute warrior dealing with that truck this year! xo and I hope it gets better from here.


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