Sky Watch Angles and lines

Presunset sky

I often see contrails in the late afternoon sky.

Contrails crossing

Like an invitation to play tic-tac-toe way up high.

Contrails crossing

They fade away by and by.

Contrails crossing

Become so faint as if they’re shy.


A special pleasure for the eye.


Then leave behind a yellow-orange dye.

SWF long badge

See Sky Watch Friday for more great skies.


In the meantime…

I’ll be traveling in South Africa for the next seven weeks and suspect I’ll be too busy to post much, if at all, on this blog.  However I will try to post on my other blog  Please come on by for some African sky.

9 thoughts on “Sky Watch Angles and lines

  1. Firefly - Jonker

    Plane trails is one thing we don’t have over here as we don’t have flights going over. Just landing. When I was in London they frustrated me cause I felt they spoiled my pics.


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