OWT-Return to winter white

01 Snowing Yarnell AZ (1024x678)

Sure glad I went out for propane the day before it snowed.

02 Sparrow & cardinal Yarnell AZ (1024x992)

Also glad I filled the bird feeders which were very busy during the snow.

03 Snowy window view Yarnell AZ (1024x678)

Yet unlike yesterday, this last morning of the year the sky is mostly blue with sun shining through.

04 Snow view of Weaver Mts Yarnell AZ (1024x678)

Slowly melting some of the snow away.

05 Sunset Yarnell AZ (1024x678)

I’m glad for that and already ready to greet summer.

06 Coopers Hawk Yarnell AZ (1024x678)

Coopers Hawk

And in only 33 days I shall enjoy summer again, just on a different continent.

07 Ringed Turtle Dove Yarnell AZ (1024x669)

Ringed Turtle Dove

So on this last day of 2012 I wish you all the best for the new year.


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14 thoughts on “OWT-Return to winter white

  1. Kelly

    Wow, amazing the difference 10-15 miles can bring…. Pretty but brrrr
    really nice winter pictures and I really like your new profile photo…


  2. artmusedog and Carol

    Wow! Lots of fantastic photos of nature’s gifts ~ even snow ~ we got some too ~ Tis winter ^_^

    Happy New Year to You and yours.

    (A Creative Harbor aka ArtMuseDog and Carol ^_^)

  3. Sylvia Kirkwood

    Wonderful, snowy captures, Gaelyn, and it does look COLD!! I love the Ringed Turtle Dove!! Hope you have a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!! Enjoy!

  4. Gemma Wiseman

    A magical collection of photos! Not having snow in my world, I find your wintry scenes especially fascinating and romantic!

  5. lyn

    I am totally with you on the ready for summer thing, Gaelyn. Us desert lizards don’t fancy the cold too much, & anything under 70 is cold!

    Looking forward to seeing your African adventures. Happy New Year!


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