Our World-Recent visitors to the feeder

House finch Yarnell AZ

Finally got a shot of the House finch

As you may already know, I’ve been spending inordinate amounts of time at the computer where I also watch the birds out my window.

Finches sparrows cardinal Yarnell AZ

I’m used to seeing lots of sparrows and finches, plus the cardinals flit in and out, male, female, male, female.  Taking turns.

Pyrrhuloxia or cardinal on feeder Yarnell AZ

The other day I saw what looked like an immature male cardinal.  Yet when I looked at the photos on the computer am now wondering if it’s not a Pyrrhuloxia, which I’ve never seen here before.  Maybe a better birder than I can confirm.  If it’s the later, it’s a lifer!  And how do you pronounce that word?

Javelina Yarnell AZ

I haven’t seen hardly any javelina around this winter until just recently during the cold snap and since.  They snuffle up bird seed and tip the water bowl.

Javelina Yarnell AZ

This might be “Dolly” who mostly travels solo.  Javelina usually travel in herds.

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6 thoughts on “Our World-Recent visitors to the feeder

  1. Barb

    Love the photos of the Javelina. We sometimes spy them in Mary’s yard. The bright red of the cardinal is stunning – you are sitting at just the right spot!

  2. artmusedog and Carol

    What a lovely array of birds and have never seen a javelina ~ Wonderful photography!

    (A Creative Harbor) ^_^ on Blogger

  3. Diane

    Your birds are much more colourful that what we get here in Europe. That is one thing I really miss from S.A. are the birds I grew up with especially the Fish eagle. Take care Diane


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