Off to Prescott for truck repairs

I finally took my defunky truck in for repairs today.  I’ve written plenty about my lemon on the other blog.  I’m told some kind of vacuum leak is causing it to not start when the engine is warm.  Plus there’s a fuel leak.  Should be able to pick it back up Thursday.  So guess there will be a chance to go thrift storing, again.

01 Thrift store jewelry (1024x768)

Artists pallet $1 and split-twig figure earrings SS $5

Did pick up a couple of nice pieces of jewelry today at very good prices.

03 Iron Springs Rd N (1024x768)

Iron Springs Road heading north to Prescott

And the drive to Prescott was gray and gorgeous with brushy vegetation contrasting with snow on the Bradford Mountains.

02 Mural along Granite Creek Prescott AZ (1024x471)

Mural along Granite Creek Prescott

Plus Berta and I went to lunch at the Dinner Bell next to Granite Creek where I had a delicious gyros which I have difficulty finding.  I’ll definitely be back there again.

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