Our World: Back at Grand Canyon

My winter of play is over but that’s not so bad because I’m back at Grand Canyon where I work for the summer.

Closed gate at entrance station NR GRCA NP AZ

The North Rim doesn’t open until May 15th so the park is very quiet.  A wonderful time to revisit old haunts without the crowds.  So Saturday I went for a ride on the Scenic road.

Meriams turkey NR GRCA NP AZ

Saw this wild Tom turkey and wondered if he was hiding in the park as it’s turkey hunting season in the adjacent Kaibab National Forest.

From Vista Encantada overlook NR GRCA NP AZ

I’d never noticed this little window in the rocks below the Vista Encantada overlook.

Balancing rock & Wotons Throne from Scenic Rd NR GRCA NP AZ

No traffic meant stopping in the middle of the road for otherwise impossible to take photos.

Flowering currants along Cape Royal trail NR GRCA NP AZ

The currants are already in bloom along with a few other flowers near the rim.  Seems just a little too early for spring at 8200 feet.

Walhalla Plateau from Pt Imperial NR GRCA NP AZ

Only a little snow left in the shadows.

White-faced Ibis NR GRCA NP AZ

But still a few pools of water on the meadows where I saw this lifer bird, a white-faced ibis.

Freya's Castle & Vishnu temple from Cape Royal NR GRCA NP AZ

It’s so nice to be back at Grand Canyon for the season.  Hope you’ll come for a visit.

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18 thoughts on “Our World: Back at Grand Canyon

  1. Firefly - Jonker

    Judging by the pools of water I assume there was a lot more snow and rain this winter than last year which means summer won’t start with a drought.

    1. Geogypsy Post author

      I wish that were true. The snow pack was light this winter and these pools are usually bigger. In fact I saw flowers blooming already. It’s dry in the forest.

  2. Dawn

    Oh, these photos make me so homesick………….. I worked at the Kiabab Lodge in 1989 and spent most of my days wandering and photographing inside the park and out.

    1. Geogypsy Post author

      I hope that was homesick in a good way. How cool that you worked at Kaibab Lodge. I like to go there for dinner to get Out of the park.

  3. lyn

    Hey Gaelyn, we must have crossed paths & just barely missed seeing each other! Dennis & I were in Marble Canyon 4/22 – 4/23, then we headed up to Zion. Got back home on the 27th. What a giant surprise to learn that Hwy 89 through the cut to Page is closed!!! I cannot even imagine the headaches that has been & will be causing for the folks at Marble & the Glen Canyon NPS! The poor kid at the Navajo Interp Center has already had people coming in quite irate about the closure.

    Looking forward to seeing you with my condor in tow later this year!

    1. Geogypsy Post author

      I was in Flagstaff on those days. Yes, I imagine a lot of people will be pissed about that closure. Nothing to be done about that. The slump was Mother Nature doing her thing. Look forward to seeing you, and the condor.

  4. Kathie

    Gaelyn, what beauty! How wonderful to have the park to yourself if only for a few days! I would LOVE it! As for that window in the rocks, you know it is all about the angle of viewing and the light! What a neat discovery!


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