An ode to sunset

An ode to sunset

Sunset Yarnell Arizona

Twas the night before Thanksgiving

and the sky was clouded in

who knew if there’d be bright colors

or the sky would just be dim

Sunset Yarnell Arizona

Upon closer inspection

soft peaches spread on rye

with some kind of sweeping up

rather pleasing to the eye

Sunset Yarnell Arizona

Then only moments later

the sky began to glow

a bend occurred at ridgeline

where the wind did blow

Sunset Yarnell Arizona

I watched this out my window

so much better than TV

crystals add a sparkle

just the way it ought to be

Sunset Yarnell Arizona

The moment came to crescendo

with a glow that lifted me

it doesn’t get much better

than a sunset with a tree

Sunset Yarnell Arizona

All too soon twas over

so I’m glad I took the pics

as every night is different

part of how I get my kicks

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