Our World-There’s no place like home

No heal tapping with scarlet slippers could have transported me fast enough from South Africa to Yarnell, Arizona.  Instead the journey included 27 hours of flight each way.

South Africa map

Red route driven, black arrows backtracking

Much more fun was all the amazing discoveries found along at least 2,500 kilometers (1550 miles) of driving around South Africa starting in Johannesburg and winding slowly to Cape Town.

Nelson Mandela "Voting Line" Rt67 Art Port Elizabeth South Africa

Nelson Mandela “Voting Line” Rt67 Art Port Elizabeth South Africa

Travel expands my mind, and then I have to stop awhile to process.  For me, that means coming home wherever that may be.

Stuff to be unpacked

Being gone for 46 nights made me truly appreciate my own bed’s comfort.  The unpacking may take a while.

Arch from Echo Ravine trail Golden Gate Highlands National Park R712 Free State South Africa

Golden Gate Highlands National Park Free State South Africa

I’ll be sharing loads of stories and photos on both blogs for the next six months or more.

Elephant Kruger National Park South Africa

Elephant Kruger National Park South Africa

And in the meantime, I’ll be dreaming of a return to South Africa which someday could be my home.

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22 thoughts on “Our World-There’s no place like home

  1. Anonymous

    Stunning view of the gorge and love the elephant shot. This reminds me of our trip to SAfrica a few years ago when we hired a car. I am looking forward to more of your images. I am joining you through Our WOrld Tuesday. Have a wonderful week.

  2. Ramger Maggi

    What an amazing adventure. I wondered if you were coming home. Love the photos. I gotta ask, do the have elephant jams in the park?

    1. Geogypsy Post author

      They have elephant, hyena, lion, warthog, buffalo (the real kind), zebra jams and more. It’s a hoot. But absolutely no getting out of the vehicle allowed.

      I thought about staying.

  3. Firefly - Jonker

    All three pics are beautiful. The voting line on Route 67 on the Donkin is truly one of Port Elizabeth’s new icons *pushes chest out*, the Drankensberg mountains and in this case Golden Gate is stunning and game reserves are one of my favorite break aways. I can’t wait to see all your photos

  4. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    How amazing to be stopped by an elephant! I could wait happily all day for them to get out of the way. The colors on those hills in the National Park are amazing.

  5. Anonymous

    What an amazing journey, Gaelyn, I can’t wait to read more as you sift through all of your experiences & start posting. It sounds like South Africa must have really captured your heart & soul!

      1. Geogypsy Post author

        This crazy site does some unexpected things.
        I’ll be posting on both sites for the next 6 months or more about this journey. South Africa has captured my heart.


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