Our World-Moving on Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day, every day!

5th-wheel RV

I feel a little guilty as I’m on the road today, burning fossil fuel to tow my RV-home back to Grand Canyon.

Abert Squirrel

Abert squirrel KOA Flagstaff

I’ll stop in Flagstaff for a couple nights along the way.

Mt Humphreys

Then continue north past Mount Humphreys.

Painted Desert AZ

And through the Painted Desert.

Navajo Bridge & Vermilion Cliffs SR89A N AZ

Cross the Colorado River.

Kaibab Plateau

And up onto the Kaibab Plateau.

Entrance station

The North Rim opens to the public May 15th.

Grand Canyon

Hope you’ll come visit Grand Canyon National Park.

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9 thoughts on “Our World-Moving on Earth Day

  1. Diane

    Looking forward to the photos of the Grand Canyon, meanwhile I am still enjoying the many photos of South Africa. Drive carefully, Diane

  2. Firefly - Jonker

    I’m sure you are starting to get excited about returning to the canyon. And I do agree that Earth Day should be celebrated every day

    1. Geogypsy Post author

      I hit the road in a few hours. And other than knowing it will be cold at the canyon, I’m ready.

      Happy Earth Day! Today, and every day.

  3. Yogi

    You are my go to person for road trips. Have a safe one.
    Today is the day that I’m supposed to feel guilty for working for an energy company. I don’t of course. I do support stringent pollution controls and an “all of the above” energy policy and and end to corporate contributions to political campaigns.

    1. Geogypsy Post author

      I’m totally with you on corporate power in politics.
      Am really worried about the GMOs. Just ain’t natural.

      You’ll be happy to know the first leg of the road trip brought me safely to Flagstaff.

  4. Arija

    You may occasionally burn some fuel but you mainly have your tortoise shell parked in one spot while you work. You really work in the most wonderful place.

  5. Gemma Wiseman

    Such panoramic views along the way! So much wonderful space! And adore the bushy tail of the little squirrel!


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