In the meantime

01 Sunset Yarnell AZ (1024x678)

Welcome to my new blog, Geogypsy in the mean time.  I actually started blogging over four years ago and immediately discovered new friends from around the world.  Hopefully some of you will continue to follow me here.

Why a second blog?  Well, geogypsytraveler was created to share stories of my travels.  But unfortunately I haven’t been traveling since my seasonal job as a Park Ranger ended in mid-October.  Instead I’ve been focusing on the plans for my upcoming trip to South Africa, being lazy about writing an eBook and searching for a new vehicle.  So why not throw one more thing in the mix like starting a new blog where I can share what’s going on in the meantime.  This is totally a work in progress, just like I am.

02 Northern Cardinal Yarnell AZ (1024x678)

Northern Cardinal

And right now, my meantime involves siting at the computer a lot where I can also watch the birds.  Seems the only thing I’ve photographed lately is the birds and sunsets through my windows.  These shots were taken using the newest lens, 55-300mm, which I am happy with, so far.  Always want bigger, smaller, whatever, that I can’t afford and am certainly not strong enough to carry anyway.

03 Coopers Hawk Yarnell AZ (1024x826)

Coopers Hawk hung out over 30 minutes

My fingers went numb holding the camera while I took photo after photo waiting to catch it in flight. I gave up, about five minuets before it took off empty taloned. It will be back I’m sure.

04 Coopers Hawk Yarnell AZ (1024x879)

Unfortunately I’ve been feeling a little trapped, like a bird under cover.  Long time readers of my other blog will know the truck I own is a piece of sh.. may be a lemon.  It is once again in need of major repairs and I will not dump any more money into it.  It hasn’t moved in almost a month, and neither have I.  Well, not quite true.  I go shopping once a week with Berta in her car.  I guess I’m getting more done by staying home anyway.

05 Coopers Hawk Yarnell AZ (1024x738)

In the meantime…

32 thoughts on “In the meantime

  1. Yogi

    Sorry about your danged truck!!!!!! I love your photos.

    I see lots of hawks here in Oklahoma hanging around looking for a meal. The yin and the yang between vigilant hungry hawks and nervous observant game is interesting.

    Love your new blog.

  2. Barb

    Wow – a new venture. Congratulations Gaelyn! I think you’ll love that lens. I have an 18-250 but have been using my 18-70 a lot lately (plus my phone!). That truck has been a money pit. Good luck on replacing it.

  3. Rohrerbot

    Hey no stress! Just take one day at a time. The pics look great and you might be setting up for a blog on birds;) I hope you get everything squared away. Here’s an annoying saying, “A lemon makes lemonade” And if you were to use your original statement….that also makes great fertilizer:)

    1. Geogypsy Post author

      I try one day at a time, but am an impatient gal. I am happy with the bird shots, through a dirty window no less. Don’t want to talk about the lemon, OK.

      1. Just Jane

        Yeah it’s been…wow. It’s been a challenging fall. But I was thinking today I needed to get back on the wagon really soon. I miss it.

  4. Kt

    I’ll be following! Sorry to hear the truck is still having problems…ugh. I can’t wait to hear more about South Africa!!

  5. Ebie

    Congratulations G. I love the title of your blog and very aptly named. Sorry to hear about your truck, I had that same experience where I put in money on my old car, then I finally decided to get a new one.
    Same here, although been out every so ofter, but I just don’t get the same energy I used to have. Plus the flu and a quick trip to the ER one month ago. Hope to be back blogging again.

    Ebie (can’t fill in my name and other info above)

    1. Geogypsy Post author

      Sorry to hear you’ve been sick. Unfortunately its’ not a very old truck. Still have a lot of bugs to work out on this theme/site. Thanks for the head up.

  6. Diane

    Hi Gaelyn, thanks for letting me know about your new blog. I wish I had a camera that I could take photos of the birds here but way beyond my pension money I am afraid.
    Sorry about your truck, but sadly these things happen and it reaches a stage that repairs cost more than a vehicle is worth :-(( Take care, have a great Christmas and New Year and I will be back following in 2013. Diane

  7. MaryBeth

    ‘In the meantime
    In between time’
    it doesn’t sound like you are having fun.
    I am sorry to hear about the truck—I have heard a lot about it actually and not in good terms. Ya think ya do the right thing and look what you get. Anyway I like the birds. Did the Hawk ever fly off??? Keep us posted. MB

    1. Geogypsy Post author

      The truck thing weighs heavy but life isn’t ever all bad. Planning for the South Africa trip keeps me busy and excited.
      I caught the hawk motion in the corner of my eye but no photo. Had already been distracted 20 mins holding the camera and hoping for that flight shot. Maybe next time. Coopers are regulars around here.

  8. Firefly

    If only you could just get rid of the freekin truck and get a new one, but thats a huge investment and something to think about carefully. At first I wondered why you would start a second blog (look at me with my three blogs talking) but then I kinda got it. But yet not really. I don’t think anybody would have minded the in the meantime posts on your main blog. The inactive times are also part of the total journey. Anyway, I’m babbling. Good luck on the new venture. One thing though, looking at the blog address I’m realising that I really need to make a plan and get my own domains on my blogs. Babbling again.

  9. Kathie

    Congrats on your new blog. We all like hearing whet you are up to on a daily basis anyways. so sorry about the trucks. Can you return it under the Lemmon Law? Do they have one in our state?

  10. Betty Manousos @cut and dry

    hi dear gaelyn,

    i’m sorry to hear about the truck…

    congrats on your new blog! i love it:) it’s fantastic as are your photos above!

    thanks so much for letting me know about it.

    big hugs!


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