Happy Father’s Day to my dearly departed Dad

Happy Father’s Day Dad, I miss you.

Gail & Ray Jan 1956 Spring Rd Hinsdale IL

You spoiled me like only a Dad can do.  I was your little angel.  I rode on your shoulders which gave me a different perspective of the world.

Ray & Gail June 1956 Chicago IL

You took me to work on Saturdays when the shop wasn’t open to work on the family car.  Then we’d stop for ice cream on the way home.  Just you and me.

boat on the Illinois River

You loved cars and boats so on summer weekends the family would go boating on nearby lakes or rivers.  You taught me to water ski, and when to let go of the rope.  You took us camping and showed me a beautiful natural world.

1968 Mercury Cyclone Cobra Jet

You bought my first, second and third car.  The last a muscle-car, 1968 Mercury Cyclone Cobra jet, I think fulfilled your desire for a race car.  I had the fastest girl-car in High School.  You taught me how to fix most things on my vehicles.

Gail & Ray April 1956 Spring Rd Hinsdale Illinois

You didn’t know how to say, “I love you” any other way than buy things.  Probably because you had never heard that said when growing up and didn’t have money for things.

Ray & Gail wedding Morton Arboretum Lisle Illinois

You gave me away at my wedding and told my husband not to bring me back but you always welcomed me home when I needed you.

Dad at my birthday in Texas

You were a quiet man, rarely raising your voice but when you did I knew to listen.  You taught me to be self sufficient and independent while also knowing when to ask for help.

Dad at Atrium Nursing home San Benito Texas

Thank you.  I know you loved me and I miss you every day.

9 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day to my dearly departed Dad

  1. Yogi

    What a great tribute to your Dad. I love how he gave you away and told your husband not to give you back. Also, that he may have started your love of nature and and taught you how to be self reliant. Great post.

  2. Sheila

    What a beautiful look back on, from what I can see and read, the most important person in your life. Your Dad! I enjoyed your photos and the stories with them. I feel the same about my Dad, long gone now. He was a quite, gentle man and I loved him very much.


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