Getting out of the house

01 Weaver Mts Peeples Valley AZ (1024x545)

Weaver Mts Peeples Valley, Arizona

I managed to roust myself out of the semi-warm RV Saturday.  I know I’m whining, it’s not as cold here in central Arizona with 47 highs and 27 lows as other places.  Just seems the older I get, the less I tolerate the cold.

02 Propane tank at Mountainaire Peeples Valley AZ (736x1024)

Didn’t have a whole lot of choice but to go out when one propane tank is empty and the other is going on two weeks.  That may not make a whole lot of sense to non-RVers.  I don’t turn on the propane furnace very often, maybe just a little in the morning and right before bed.  If used all day that thing can suck down 7 gallons of propane in two days.  I learned.  I do run small electric heaters most of the day and night.  Can only run two things at once on the 30amps currently plugged into.  Turn one off in the living area to either use the microwave or turn on the heater in the bedroom.  I keep the door closed to the bedroom all day as there’s just no sense in heating a room that isn’t being used.  OK, so the toilet seat feels a mite chilly.  Just make it fast.

03 Mural at Mountainaire Peeples Valley AZ (1024x768)

Peeples Valley, where I get propane, is only about five miles away.  Business wise smaller than Yarnell which sadly no longer has a fuel station.  Mountainaire Mini-Mart offers about the same grocery options as our Yarnell Grocery and that almost closed about a year ago.  Times are hard in our small community of less than 2000.

04 Weaver Mts SR 89 S Peeples Valley AZ (1024x456)

Heading home to Yarnell on SR89 south

It’s a short and scenic drive out here in the middle of nowhere.  Maybe now that I have my wheels back I’ll try to get out more.  Naw, it’s cold outside.

5 thoughts on “Getting out of the house

  1. Diane

    We run our heating at the house on oil, it can also disappear at a rate of knots if we keep all the radiators on and it is so expensive nowadays! I love the new photo of of you at the top.
    Guess you will be very soon on your way to the sun 🙂 Diane

  2. yogi

    In some ways RVing is getting back to basics. When the parents had one, we had to conserve the water, conserve the propane, and the electricity.

  3. Barb

    Get out there, Gaelyn – it’s been going into minus teens here overnight! I like the new pic of you – are they the new implants? Keep warm, Gaelyn. Happy New Year!


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