Fun drive to town and new laptop

Snowy Virgin River Canyon Zion National Park Utah

Who would have thought a drive to town would be so cool.  Literally, it was cold, snowy, and spectacular driving through Zion National Park Sunday.

It was also cool that I was able to trade in two old laptops for a $200 credit towards the new ASUS laptop I bought.  Windows 10 seems OK so far.  Sure beats the pants off 8.  But does involve a learning curve coming from 7.  I think it will work.  Besides what choice is there.

Snow on Vermilion Cliffs SR89 Utah

Then it was off to Home Depot to return the heat tape I can’t use on a sewer pipe that freezes.  Then Costco to return a shirt that was too small for Bill and groceries before the hour drive home.  Which was gorgeous with snow dusting the Vermilion Cliffs.

Was up late downloading Windows Office and Live software along with Picasa.  Takes a lot of time to set up a new computer the way you want it.

Spent all day Monday fighting with the internet.  Part of the problem is a very weak signal.  My phone’s hotspot, FoxFi, was acting up and the RV park’s signal was hovering at 1-2 bars.  Still need to download Lightroom on the new laptop and may have to take it to Bill’s where there’s a reliable signal.

Today I talked to the Geek Squad and they had me disable a couple of network drivers, restart, and re-enable those same drivers and that solved the problem connecting to the internet.  I was told if the problem persists the laptop will have to go to the store to replace the internal antenna.  I hope not because I’m headed out of town Friday.

4 thoughts on “Fun drive to town and new laptop

  1. Jim and Barb

    We love Zion this time of year! Two years ago we spent Thanksgiving week there. There is nothing like the red rocks sprinkled with snow for incredible pictures and yours a perfect examples. Great job!


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