Clear sky and clearing head

Snow on Vermilion Cliffs Kanab UTSo nice to see clear sky this morning even if there’s a thick bank laying over the Kaibab Plateau to the south.  Later clouds moved in and then out again.  A lot of snow melt today.

02r Not going outside until temp is above my age gp


Still coughing but not sniveling as much.  At this rate I may not leave the house until spring.



Sipapu Bridge Natural Bridges National Monument UtahSipapu Bridge Natural Bridges National Monument Utah

But I am getting a lot of photos labeled and am now on the second day of the September vacation.  Plus I’m still thinking about a January vacation.  But not getting out past the dumpster means photos limited to out the windows for now.

View thru RV window Kanab Utah

Reading a bunch of articles on the Bundy/Malheur incident.  Not sure what else to call it.  Can hardly believe this can happen on OUR public lands.  I think if I did this I’d probably be either dead or in jail by now.  I’d have definitely brought binoculars to watch the birds.

Sunset through trees Kanab UtahBill spoiled me today by bringing over my mail.  Unfortunately, he didn’t stay long as doesn’t want to catch this cold.  I had to throw him a kiss, from a distance.



Rainbow on RV wall Kanab UtahMust be feeling better this afternoon because I’m getting cabin fever.  Maybe it’s the rainbows that sunshine brought in my cozy RV.

10 thoughts on “Clear sky and clearing head

  1. Diane

    We both need a big dose of sunshine, The weather has been pretty mild here but it looks like things might change!!! I have not even being doing photos as I seen to have a continual head ache but I am feeling better at last I think. Take care Diane

    1. Geogypsy Post author

      Another week and I’m headed to lower ground so hopefully will see more sunshine. Am feeling better, but that headache thing got me bad yesterday. Hope sunshine comes your way soon.

  2. Barb

    A winter cold is the worst. You were indoors around too many children at Christmas! Hope it warms up enough for you soon so you can be out and about. It snowed here overnight. Four of my Grands are coming to ski.

    1. Geogypsy Post author

      Could be but I think it was getting chilled here in Kanab. Heading to warmer, I hope, climes in a week. I’ll bet the Grands are in heaven there. Enjoy!


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