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Get a safari fix online

Giraffe drinking water Kruger National Park Mpumalanga South Africa

You know I’ve been missing South Africa this winter but I found a way to get a little fix.  Diane sent me a link to the Tembe Elephant Park’s live webcam set up at a waterhole and one night I watched a giraffe, they look rather awkward drinking as they have to spread their front legs quite far apart to get their heads down to the water.  A vulnerable position.  Tough thing is the time difference so I have to be up late to get their morning or early for their afternoon.  Even if I don’t see any large animals just listening to the birds brings me back to Africa.  They even have a FB page where people post updates of what they’ve seen.  I missed lions by three hours.  Sunday morning I saw elephants.

This is a great way to get a safari fix online.