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Woke up to a frosty morning

01 DSC_7446lerw Frost on car roof Kanab UT gp (1024x678)-2Woke up to a frosty morning and the first thing that I see are sparkles on the neighbors car roof and a little on the trees.  Good news, I still have running water so not too cold overnight.  Those clear skies sure bring the temps down.


02 DSC_7454lerw Drape closed in bedroom gp (678x1024)-2As most know, I hate being cold, and you’re probably tired of hearing about it.  It’s difficult enough to keep the 5th-wheel warm even with three heaters going non-stop.  Really hard to get the bed/bath room warm enough for me to take a shower.  So, tried something different.  Closed a divider curtain I never use in the bedroom to make a smaller space to heat.  And it worked!  First time all winter I’ve been able to use my own shower.  Please don’t think I’ve gone months without showering.  Instead I go over to Bill’s heated house.


03 DSC_7458hdrlerw RV window view Kanab UT gp-HDR (1024x678)-2

I LOVE grapefruit, but not the seeds.  Even the tiny ones.  Is it my imagination or are the seeds smaller than when I was a kid?  Seems like there used to be just a few big seeds, easy to see and remove.  Or is it my eyes.  I’m jealously thinking of Lynda and Nan, plus others, parked near Borrego Springs and buying huge bags of citrus fruit for $3-4.  I was there a year ago today and some crazy critters out in the desert.  Thinking the vitamin C is making me feel better.

04 DSC_7497hdrlerw Sunset Kanab UT gp-HDR (1024x678)-2

It actually got warm enough in the RV this afternoon to turn the thermostat down on one heater.  Love it!  Still not going outside today.  Saving that for tomorrow.

05 DSC_2818hdrlerw Fall colors Manti-La Sal NF FR106 N UT-HDR (1024x678)-2

And, of course, still labeling photos.  Now from the third day of the September vacation when we took a drive through the Manti-La Sal National Forest.

Clear sky and clearing head

Snow on Vermilion Cliffs Kanab UTSo nice to see clear sky this morning even if there’s a thick bank laying over the Kaibab Plateau to the south.  Later clouds moved in and then out again.  A lot of snow melt today.

02r Not going outside until temp is above my age gp


Still coughing but not sniveling as much.  At this rate I may not leave the house until spring.



Sipapu Bridge Natural Bridges National Monument UtahSipapu Bridge Natural Bridges National Monument Utah

But I am getting a lot of photos labeled and am now on the second day of the September vacation.  Plus I’m still thinking about a January vacation.  But not getting out past the dumpster means photos limited to out the windows for now.

View thru RV window Kanab Utah

Reading a bunch of articles on the Bundy/Malheur incident.  Not sure what else to call it.  Can hardly believe this can happen on OUR public lands.  I think if I did this I’d probably be either dead or in jail by now.  I’d have definitely brought binoculars to watch the birds.

Sunset through trees Kanab UtahBill spoiled me today by bringing over my mail.  Unfortunately, he didn’t stay long as doesn’t want to catch this cold.  I had to throw him a kiss, from a distance.



Rainbow on RV wall Kanab UtahMust be feeling better this afternoon because I’m getting cabin fever.  Maybe it’s the rainbows that sunshine brought in my cozy RV.

Dreaming of vacations

Drips of branches Kanab Utah

Awake to a soft white ground.  I might be getting used to this snow stuff.  Does make the temps warmer.  But not warm enough to go out of the house with this cold in my head.  In fact my head is so full of snot I feel absolutely stupid and like there’s no room for anything really important.  Wonder if eyes can pop out of my head.



Water fountain from broken pipe Crazy Horse RV Park Kanab UtahWater pipe burst in site 23/24 causing a fountain.  Not the first pipe break this winter.  This old park really needs an upgrade.  I called the manager.  Am hoping the shut off doesn’t affect the rest of the park.  This is an area mostly used by tenters as there are no sewer hookups along the fence backed up to the cemetery.   Water off and three rigs checking it out, including the manager.  Someone from the city even stopped by.  Don’t think it was fixed but I still have water.

Lunar eclipse Hovenweep National Monument UtahStarted labeling the September vacation photos.  Way too many taken through a bug splattered windshield.  Saw a lot in five days through five national park sites but mostly through dirty glass.  Is there ever enough time on vacations?  At least now I know to return to each of them and spend more time.  The first day was a long drive with limited stopping to get to Hovenweep National Monument for the lunar eclipse.  Had to settle with taking photos from camp as the ruins were closed after dark.

Fog & snow on Vermilion Cliffs from RV window Kanab Utah

I started off blogging daily in October 2008 on blogspot, later changed to WordPress, then over time the posts dropped to roughly three a week.  When I return to work I am reminded how much time 40 hours a week takes out of life.  With more going on, and to write about, I am perpetually behind from real time.  Kind of miss that, like writing in a daily journal/diary.  Going to try and do that here.

Fog & snow on Vermilion Cliffs from RV window Kanab Utah

Received a call from the “Geek Squad” guy and the South African laptop I dropped off Sunday is ready.  Found and cleaned out 4 viruses.  But Microsoft won’t allow an update from Windows 8 to 10.  They’ve tried everything that’s legal.  I just can’t, won’t and don’t want to learn 8.  Looks like this Sunday will be an open window weather-wise for a trip to Best Buy in St. George.  Gives me time to think about what to do with the laptop.  Haven’t liked this ASUS since I purchased it.  Wonder what they’d give on a trade-in?

Low clouds Vermilion Cliffs from RV window Kanab Utah

No rain or snow the rest of the day but mostly gray skies with just a touch of sunshine.

Still labeling photos and dreaming of vacations past and future.

Snow melt, rain today in Kanab

Rainy window view Kanab UtahMust have rained last night as this morning there was barely any snow left.  It continued to rain most of the day so there’s red, sticky, clay-like mud all around.

Bent water heater Kanab UtahNot a good day to work on the RV.  Got the new water heater installed last week with Bill’s help and it’s working but it must have been dropped before I received it as the metal is dented making it impossible to get the outside cover attached correctly.  I want to contact the seller yet at the same time don’t want to reinstall another one.  Dilemma.  The single digit below freezing temperatures for almost two weeks around Christmas caused a gray water drain pipe from the kitchen to freeze and fill the tank.  A small heater pointed at the pipe thawed it and the tank emptied.  Really, what am I doing living in this cold climate in a RV?  Love my RV but hate the cold.

Started to feel sinuses plugged with a runny nose last night.  Slept good.  Today I’m plugged and sniveling/blowing.  TMI.  Been doing so good at not getting chilled and staying away from crowds.  But Sunday Bill and I went to town and many stores so could have been exposed to anything.  Dang, I hate getting a cold as much as I hate being cold.

View from tunnel SR9 West Zion National Park Utah


Thinking about a road trip one day this week through Zion National Park to see it with snow.  Probably on the way to St George to pick up my South African laptop.  Hope it works better, and me too because I have to learn Windows 10 from this upgrade from the dreaded and all I could get Windows 8 after my laptop was stolen.

Waterfall Willis Creek Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument Utah


Spent most of the day multi-tasking on the computer, where I spend way too much time during the winter especially.  Bouncing between Facebook, news and conservation articles, emails, reading and writing blogs, checking website stats, and forever labeling photos.  Because I’m OCD and want to easily find images in search, I give every photo a descriptive label.  Currently I’m on September 24th, 2015.  Yes, months behind.  But not too bad out of over 25,000 photos taken last year.  I actually post every 100th photo labeled on my Facebook page, if your interested.

Willis Creek Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument Utah

Sun break thru clouds Kanab UtahAround 2:30 the sun did it’s best to burn through the gray cover and a few blue spots appeared over the cliffs, briefly.  The wet ground sparkled.  Low, dark clouds hung on the western horizon.  Achoo!!

Snow on Vermilion Cliffs Kanab UtahBy 4pm fog settled on top of the cliffs and it continued raining.

A lovely day indeed.

Snow in Kanab Utah

Foggy view from RV Kanab UtahMust have got a little snow in Kanab Sunday night as I woke to a light dusting.

Snowy view from RV Kanab UtahBy noon the ground was white.

Snow on trees from RV Kanab UtahSnow clung to the trees.

Snow on the red rocks Kanab UtahThe surrounding red rock contrasted with the white.

Snowman & umbrella Kanab UtahThis morning I noticed my neighbor had made a snowman.

More snow predicted for the rest of the week.