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Our World–Adding to my jewelry collection

SS & turq ring

I love a good deal, and a woman can never have too much jewelry.

SS & turq ring

While out at a couple of my favorite Prescott Thrift stores I found both.

SS & turq watch band with watch

It was a day for watches.

SS watch band with watch

Some people like gold.  But I’m definitely a silver person.

SS & turq watch band

And turquoise, the sky stone, calls to me.

SS & peti-point turq watch band

I especially like the Zuni peti-point like above.

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Thrifty Tuesday


Stopped into my favorite thrift store and as always made the jewelry cases my first stop.  These bent-wire earrings are Navajo made and called the “Medicine Man.”  Sterling silver $8.


Last time I traveled to South Africa I took one medium-sized suite case, and my backpack which I used hiking in the Drakensburg Mountains.  Being I can’t shoulder a pack anymore I’ve been hunting for something with wheels.  Dang, it’s hell to get arthritis in the shoulders but I’m not going to let that stop me from traveling, just backpacking, at least until I can find a suitable Sherpa.  Now I just have to make sure I don’t over pack this monster on wheels.  Samsonite $12.  Kind of like the bright orange tape so I know it’s mine.


How I love getting a deal.  What treasures have you found lately?

Deal and no deal

01 851 1919 Ford Model T Center Door at Galpin Ford Presott AZ (1024x768)

1919 Ford Model T, I think

It was certainly no deal to get my truck out of hock/repairs but it did make it home.  Now I list it for sale, again.  I’d really like to think the last thing, for a while, has been fixed.  But I don’t trust it any more.  I’m pressing for lemonade.

02 863 Ring SS knot $4 NOAHs Thrift Store Prescott AZ (1024x872)

While in Prescott one of my favorite thrift stores had a 50% off sale on quite a bit including jewelry so I made a few scores.

03 859 SS roses hinged bracelet from Hong Kong $6 NOAHs Thrift Store Prescott AZ (768x1024)

I just love sterling silver and consider it an investment I can wear, or sell down the road sometime.  The bracelet is from Hong Kong.

04 861 Barrett alpaca from Mexico $3 NOAHs Thrift Store Prescott AZ (1024x559)

“Alpaca silver” from Mexico isn’t silver at all but a metal alloy which can include copper, nickel, zinc, tin, lead or cadmium and is also called nickel silver or German silver.  It looks like sterling but doesn’t tarnish and is used in a lot of traditional Mexican and South American jewelry.  I like the look especially with the inlay on this Hecho en Mexico barrette.

05 857 Clip-on earings from Spain $3 NOAHs Thrift store Prescott AZ (1024x767)

Don’t know what metal these clip-on earrings are made of but they caught my eye and are stamped on the back “SPAIN”.”

06 002 Ring pot metal & turquoise $1 NOAHs Thrift Store Prescott AZ (1024x802)

This ring isn’t sterling silver either.  However, I am attracted to some costume jewelry.  From the1930s and made of pot-metal could have real turquoise, or not.  But what the heck, for a buck.

07 860 Ivory & gold bangle $10 NOAHs Thrift Store Prescott AZ (1024x768)

Saved the best deal for last.  Now I am all for animal conservation but just couldn’t say no to this pre-1989 banned antique elephant ivory bangle bracelet with a 14-karat gold wire.  Because of the sale got it for $10 and later found one online selling for $150.  So how do I know it’s really ivory?  There’s a couple ways to test for plastic versus ivory or bone.  Appling the tip of a hot pin produces a smell, either plastic or bone.  Plus ivory has a unique growth pattern that reveals cross graining or criss-cross growth patterns distinctively found only in elephant ivory.  And I can see these patterns.


So even though getting my truck repaired was certainly no financial deal at least I got some other great deals for the day.

What super savings have you made lately?