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Thinking Organic garden

All these GMO food issues has me wanting to grow my own organic garden, which starts with organic seeds.

organic tomatoes, cilantro & lettuce

Has to be small, maybe 3-4 containers.  Cherry tomatoes, mixed greens and cilantro would be perfect.  Having a fresh salad nightly when you live 85 miles from the nearest grocery store would be a delight.

table, mesh and grow

Yet because I live summers at Grand Canyon National Park I have to enclose my garden both so the critters don’t eat it and so as not to spread non-indigenous seeds.  I can easily make a table.  Thinking bent wire over the top and connected to boards that can be C-clamped to the table.  Plus easy to roll up when I need to move in the spring and fall.  And the containers will stack together. Please feel free to give this brown-thumbed gardener suggestions.

Will you have a garden this year?  Will it be organic?