But it’s my favorite….

 Posted by on January 25, 2013  Life
Jan 252013

You know how you have some special piece of clothing that is your All Time Favorite.  Wear it all the time.  And it’s beyond wearing out.  It’s worn out.  But you still can’t part with it.

Heck, most of my clothes come from thrift stores, so they’re wearing out when I buy them.

Yet I rather like putting on soft worn clothes and thinking about who owned it before me.  Always have to wash the thrift store smell out first though.

My absolutely, positively favorite shirt that I threw on every morning for years somehow got left behind in my Chicago hotel room back in September.  I’ve been scouring around for a replacement ever since.

Denim shirt

Today was my lucky day.  At one of my favorite thrift stores, Yavapai Human Society, and clothes were marked half off. OK, you’re thinking, what made this so difficult to find.  Yea, yea.  It’s only a denim shirt, over-sized, soft and has snaps.  But it’s my new old favorite!

Have an old favorite that you just can’t throw away?

Also known as the Geogypsytraveler my summers are spent at Grand Canyon National Park's North Rim as a Park Ranger and winter could find me anywhere in the world where it's Not cold. In the meantime, there's life.

  7 Responses to “But it’s my favorite….”

  1. Yes. My “life is good” shirt. All shot through with holes.

  2. There is nothing like an old denim shirt for comfort. Of course our son has sensory issues and working with the Occupational Therapists that help him with those issues I have come to realize that I have sensory issues with me. Thus if clothes do not “feel” right I don’t wear them. If they d feel right, then they are pretty much rags when I get through with them.

    • Is that what it’s called. I’ve always called myself the Princess and the Pea. Tags in clothes drive me nuts. And if the label says 100% cotton why is it sewed together with plastic thread.

  3. I have a jerkin type top that belonged to my brother which I just love it. It is only about 45 years old !!

  4. I know the feeling. Throwing out or ripping (or in your case loosing) that favorite piece.

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