Jan 282013

SS & turq ring

I love a good deal, and a woman can never have too much jewelry.

SS & turq ring

While out at a couple of my favorite Prescott Thrift stores I found both.

SS & turq watch band with watch

It was a day for watches.

SS watch band with watch

Some people like gold.  But I’m definitely a silver person.

SS & turq watch band

And turquoise, the sky stone, calls to me.

SS & peti-point turq watch band

I especially like the Zuni peti-point like above.

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Also known as the Geogypsytraveler my summers are spent at Grand Canyon National Park's North Rim as a Park Ranger and winter could find me anywhere in the world where it's Not cold. In the meantime, there's life.

  18 Responses to “Our World–Adding to my jewelry collection”

  1. i am not much of a jewelry person myself, but what i do wear has to be silver. and i LOVE turquoise, even if i just take it out of the jewelry box and hold it for a while =o)

  2. Hi, Gaelyn. I am really having trouble leaving a comment. I’m typing this, but can’t enter my name/email…. Did you buy ALL these? Woo!

    • I don’t know what the problem is on this site with commenting. I made it so anyone can comment and you don’t even need to put in an email address. Sorry.

  3. Hey—it went through…but I didn’t type in my info.

  4. I loved those watches. I don’t think I’ve ever seen watch straps with turquoise on them. I want one!

  5. These are all great pieces and you got great bargains too! Way to go!!

  6. I love silver and turquoise!!! It it were me…I’d be trying on that second ring!!! What a bargain!!! Don’t you just love thrift stores!!!

  7. I love charity shops you can all sorts of wonderful things in them. I am definitely a silver girl too


  8. You really seem to have a talent for finding treasures like these. I think you should pop into a few antique and second hand shops around South Africa as well.

  9. I have always like the watches with turquoise and that last one is really different. Good job with the shopping.

  10. You have great taste and you seem to attract good jewellery. Diane

  11. Those rings are gorgeous! You got some great scores. :)

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