Our World–Adding to my jewelry collection

SS & turq ring

I love a good deal, and a woman can never have too much jewelry.

SS & turq ring

While out at a couple of my favorite Prescott Thrift stores I found both.

SS & turq watch band with watch

It was a day for watches.

SS watch band with watch

Some people like gold.  But I’m definitely a silver person.

SS & turq watch band

And turquoise, the sky stone, calls to me.

SS & peti-point turq watch band

I especially like the Zuni peti-point like above.

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18 thoughts on “Our World–Adding to my jewelry collection

  1. Sandy

    i am not much of a jewelry person myself, but what i do wear has to be silver. and i LOVE turquoise, even if i just take it out of the jewelry box and hold it for a while =o)

  2. Bibi

    Hi, Gaelyn. I am really having trouble leaving a comment. I’m typing this, but can’t enter my name/email…. Did you buy ALL these? Woo!

    1. Geogypsy Post author

      I don’t know what the problem is on this site with commenting. I made it so anyone can comment and you don’t even need to put in an email address. Sorry.

  3. TheChieftess

    I love silver and turquoise!!! It it were me…I’d be trying on that second ring!!! What a bargain!!! Don’t you just love thrift stores!!!

  4. Firefly - Jonker

    You really seem to have a talent for finding treasures like these. I think you should pop into a few antique and second hand shops around South Africa as well.

  5. Teri Lee

    I have always like the watches with turquoise and that last one is really different. Good job with the shopping.


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