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Our World: Back at Grand Canyon

My winter of play is over but that’s not so bad because I’m back at Grand Canyon where I work for the summer.

Closed gate at entrance station NR GRCA NP AZ

The North Rim doesn’t open until May 15th so the park is very quiet.  A wonderful time to revisit old haunts without the crowds.  So Saturday I went for a ride on the Scenic road.

Meriams turkey NR GRCA NP AZ

Saw this wild Tom turkey and wondered if he was hiding in the park as it’s turkey hunting season in the adjacent Kaibab National Forest.

From Vista Encantada overlook NR GRCA NP AZ

I’d never noticed this little window in the rocks below the Vista Encantada overlook.

Balancing rock & Wotons Throne from Scenic Rd NR GRCA NP AZ

No traffic meant stopping in the middle of the road for otherwise impossible to take photos.

Flowering currants along Cape Royal trail NR GRCA NP AZ

The currants are already in bloom along with a few other flowers near the rim.  Seems just a little too early for spring at 8200 feet.

Walhalla Plateau from Pt Imperial NR GRCA NP AZ

Only a little snow left in the shadows.

White-faced Ibis NR GRCA NP AZ

But still a few pools of water on the meadows where I saw this lifer bird, a white-faced ibis.

Freya's Castle & Vishnu temple from Cape Royal NR GRCA NP AZ

It’s so nice to be back at Grand Canyon for the season.  Hope you’ll come for a visit.

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Our World-Moving on Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day, every day!

5th-wheel RV

I feel a little guilty as I’m on the road today, burning fossil fuel to tow my RV-home back to Grand Canyon.

Abert Squirrel

Abert squirrel KOA Flagstaff

I’ll stop in Flagstaff for a couple nights along the way.

Mt Humphreys

Then continue north past Mount Humphreys.

Painted Desert AZ

And through the Painted Desert.

Navajo Bridge & Vermilion Cliffs SR89A N AZ

Cross the Colorado River.

Kaibab Plateau

And up onto the Kaibab Plateau.

Entrance station

The North Rim opens to the public May 15th.

Grand Canyon

Hope you’ll come visit Grand Canyon National Park.

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RV tub or shower

Which do you prefer tub or shower?

After living in a RV for 20+ years I’ve learned to take quick showers.  When the water heater is 6-10 gallons you just can’t dawdle.  Plus always turn the water off while lathering.  TMI?  If you’re a newbie you’ll soon discover many ways to be conscious of water conservation.

RV bathroom

Tub stored in bathtub of last 5th-wheel

But back to tub versus shower.  I’ve lived with both options in my various RV configurations.  Not very practical trying to fill even a small bath tub with the hot water limitations.

2006 Keystone Challenger RV shower

I love the skylight in my shower, well at least when it’s not too cold outside, with sun or moon light streaming in to set my shower aglow.  In fact, under a full moon after the lights are off and I’m in bed, my shower glows and I keep expecting Dr. Who to step out its doors.  I have yet to get a shot of that.

Roman bath Warmwaterberg Spa SA

I do love to soak occasionally and had that opportunity while staying at Warmwaterberg Spa in South Africa in my own private Roman bath.  Just didn’t have any bubble bath.

Bubble bath with candles

Friends can offer a real treat with the use of their bathtub to visiting RVers, especially full-timers.  Maybe even light a few candles and luxuriate in bubbles.

portable spa

What I’d really like is a portable hot tub.

What’s your preference, tub or shower?

Sky Watch from 30,000 feet

Sky Watch over Atlantic Ocean from plane

Whenever I fly I try to get a window seat.  May be crazy considering I usually opt to fly at night and sleep as much as possible.  But if there’s a view I like to take photos.  This wasn’t so easy with the first leg of my journey on a red-eye from Phoenix to New York.

Sky Watch over NY City from plane

But leaving JFK in the late afternoon provided some excellent views of what I believe is New York City.

Sky Watch over East coast from plane

Never explored there so can’t be 100% sure.  Please let me know if you’re familiar with the area.

Sky Watch sunrise over Africa

After a late dinner it was lights out and the darkness outside was palpable.  Yet morning finally came somewhere over Africa.

Sky Watch from plane over SA

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Thinking Organic garden

All these GMO food issues has me wanting to grow my own organic garden, which starts with organic seeds.

organic tomatoes, cilantro & lettuce

Has to be small, maybe 3-4 containers.  Cherry tomatoes, mixed greens and cilantro would be perfect.  Having a fresh salad nightly when you live 85 miles from the nearest grocery store would be a delight.

table, mesh and grow

Yet because I live summers at Grand Canyon National Park I have to enclose my garden both so the critters don’t eat it and so as not to spread non-indigenous seeds.  I can easily make a table.  Thinking bent wire over the top and connected to boards that can be C-clamped to the table.  Plus easy to roll up when I need to move in the spring and fall.  And the containers will stack together. Please feel free to give this brown-thumbed gardener suggestions.

Will you have a garden this year?  Will it be organic?

Our World-Moving to South Africa

April Fools!

Although the Tsitsikamma zip-line really had me thinking about moving to South Africa.

Sunset Toroweap GRCA NP AZ

A move may have to wait for the future, after I retire from my seasonal job as a Park Ranger at Grand Canyon.  Will be a few more years until eligible to collect Social Security, if there’s any to collect.

Treehouse Wild Spirit Backpackers Lodge Nature's Valley SA

So, in the meantime, I’ll just dream.

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