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OWT-Mountains all around with valleys in between

01 Amanda's dog Joan of Bark Chino AZ

Joan of Bark

Had a long day in town.  I know many of you typically have a long day, somewhere.  Guess I’ve gotten out of the habit after two months retired and lazy.  Went to the dentist, twice.  And in between enjoyed a visit with a new/old friend, and her chickens, horses and dogs.  She made the remark that Arizona has mountains all around.  And some people think this is a desert.  Harumph.

02 Golden glow on hillside Iron Springs Rd AZ (1024x420)

Then, there was the scenic hour drive home over the Bradshaw Mountains and across Skull Valley.

03 Antelope Peak above Yarnell AZ (1024x457)

In the fading light I could see the flat-top mountain called Antelope Peak above Yarnell in the distance.

04 Horses, cows & burrow along SR89 Peeples Valley AZ (1024x678)

And as the sun set behind the Weaver Mountains I just had to pull over.

05 Horses & burro along SR89 Peeples Valley AZ (1024x482)

Because what could be more beautiful than this.

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